We Make Dumpster Rentals Easy & Affordable

We are a family business. We are not brokers or a franchise.
We are located in Hellertown, and we donate locally a portion of our profit in your name to our favorite charities.


Searching for a clean, quality and affordable dumpster for your next project? Fill out the form and we'll be in touch before the end of the day.

We Specialize in Small Dumpsters

We will provide a clean, quality and affordable dumpsters. That's our specialty. Here's what you can expect:

  • We'll drop off your dumpster in your location of choice. Our dumpsters are always delivered clean and in good working order.
  • All of our equipment are low impact on driveways and paved surfaces. We use protective Driveway Boots to protect your driveway and paved surfaces from scuffs and scrapes.  
  • A day or two before your pick-up date, we'll give you a courtesy call/text to be sure you're finished with your dumpster.
  • On your scheduled pick-up date, we'll haul away your dumpster and sweep up any debris that may have collected around it.
  • We also provide specialty services like Load & Go (when you don't have room for a dumpster)

You Pay the Rate and We'll Donate!

  • We like to give back to our community and donate a portion of the rental proceeds to Lehigh Humane Society and The Children's Home of Easton.  We will make a donation in your name.  That donation will come from our profit at no extra cost to you.
  • When you rent a dumpster from us, we will donate $10 of our profit to the charity of your choice in your name.

This is our way of helping in our community.


Not sure which size to choose? See the details for our 10 Yard, 15 Yard and 20 Yard dumpsters.

You can put all kinds of stuff in a Dumpin' Donations Dumpster, but there are a few exceptions. Here's a handy checklist you can use.

DON'T Put in Your  Dumpster

  • DON'T put toxic, corrosive or combustible materials or liquids in your dumpster. This includes things like oil, grease, gasoline, wet paint or flammable liquids.   
  • DON'T put any containers such as cans, drums or other containers unless they are emptied and crushed. 
  • DON'T put tires, batteries or florescent lights in your dumpster.
  • DON'T put hazardous materials in your dumpster. This includes things like asbestos, insecticides, medical waste or animal carcasses.
  • DON'T put malodorous waste in your dumpster.  
  • DON'T put extremely heavy materials in your dumpster. This includes things like shingles, dirt, rock, and concrete. Please let us know so we can help you dispose of such heavy items in an efficient manner.
  • DON'T light fires in dumpsters.
  • DON'T damage your container beyond normal wear and tear.

      No yard waste.

 IMPORTANT: Load your dumpster like packing a suitcase.
Do not load anything above the container walls!

Remember: Customer is responsible for dumpster while in their possession

Weight Limits

Be mindful not to exceed the dumpster's maximum weight limit. Additional charges will be applied if the load limits are exceeded.  It's an $110 a ton pro rated charge. 

When loading your dumpster, take care not to allow the contents overflow the sides. For safety during hauling, the contents must be flush with the top of the dumpster.

We recommend packing the dumpster like a suitcase. Place bulky items along the sides and bottom. Then pack in the middle spaces tightly.

Remember ... as the customer, you are responsible to observe the weight limits and restrictions. Additional charges are applied if the load limits are exceeded. $110 a ton pro rated charge.
Play the videos below to see a demonstration of how to operate the swinging dumpster door. You can see the doors in action on the Gallery page (once there, click "How To Videos").
There are some restrictions on what you can and can't put in our dumpsters. Here is a list of where you can take the pesky things that you can't put in our dumpsters:

We don't accept electronics. You can contact GER Solutions and they will be able to assist you.
GER Solutions
Phone: 610-443-1776
759 Roble Rd. Allentown, Pa

Yard Waste
We don't accept yard waste. You can contact American Soil And Mulch and they will be able to assist you.

American Soil And Mulch
Phone: 610-882-2155
Address: 1600 Freemansburg Rd. Bethlehem, Pa.

We don't accept tires. You can contact Earth First Recycling and they will be able to assist you.

Earth First Recycling
Phone: 310-438-8330
Address: 400 Island Park rd. Easton, PA.

We don't accept concrete. You can contact Crushcrete and they will be able to assist you. some restrictions. Or simply let us know ahead of time and we can assist you.

Phone: 610-865-1898
Address: 1965 Silvex rd. Bethlehem, Pa.

Payment is upon delivery.

Acceptable payment methods are:

  • Cash or check (collected at the time of delivery) Returned check will have a $25.00 charge
  • Major credit cards, including VISA, Master Card, AMEX or Discover (credit/debit cards are processed on the delivery date and not before). There will be a 3.6% processing fee when you use your credit card
You can put a lot stuff in our dumpsters, but there are some restrictions.  See our DO's and DON'Ts page.
Our standard dumpster rental period is 14 days. Need more time? No problem! It's a flat $15 per day charge.
Dumpsters can be placed wherever the customer requests, provided it does not create a safety hazard.  Street placement must comply with local regulations and may require a permit from city or township. Lawn placements will require a waiver.
Driveway BootsWe use specially made "Driveway Boots" designed to protect your driveway or lawn from scuffs, scrapes and divots caused by dumpster weight.
Yup! Our dumpsters have a hinged back door that swings open. You can see the doors in action on the Gallery page (once there, click "How To Videos").