The Services We Provide With Pride for Our Customers and Community

We are proud to provide Local Dumpster Services

We're not brokers, and we are not a franchise -- We're a local, family owned and operated dumpster rental company. Based in Hellertown, Pennsylvania, we provide quality, affordable small/medium dumpster rental services for the Lehigh Valley. Our family has specialized in providing quality dumpster rental services for Homeowners, Small Businesses, Property Managers and regular folks like you.

We Provide Specialized Dumpster Services

Our dumpsters are made for small and medium size projects ... projects like spring cleaning, basement overhauls and kitchen/bathroom renovations, moving in and/or moving out. They fit in driveways, along curbs (with proper permits if necessary), at job the site and of course -- they fit in tight spots.  If you need two, we can do that to.

We Make Renting a Dumpster Easy and Affordable

Compare and select the Dumpin' Donations dumpster that's right for your project on the Services and Products page. Once you have an idea of the size of your project, give us call at (484) 350-1990. You can also call us if you have questions about our dumpsters or services and would like to learn more.

We Keep Delivery and Pick-up Simple

When your scheduled drop-off date arrives, we'll deliver a clean dumpster in the location of your choosing, provided it's safe, legal and appropriately sized. Our dumpsters are always delivered clean and in good working order.  

Fill your dumpster with renovation debris, basement junk, household junk, etc. -- all acceptable. You can put a lot in your dumpster, but there are some restrictions. Things like liquids, electronics, oil, paint, etc. are not accepted.   Ultra-heavy materials (rock, concrete, etc.) are not accepted.   If you have significant heavy debris like rock and concrete, let us know so we can assist you.  This also applies to roofing shingles.  See the Dumpin' Donation's Dumpster DO's and DON'Ts for more information.

When it's time for your scheduled pick-up, we'll pick-up and haul your dumpster away.

We Give Back to Our Community

We like to keep our services simple and specialized. It helps us provide quality, affordable services. We like to give to our community. We even made giving back a part of the company name -- Dumpin' Donations.

In addition to providing quality and affordable dumpster rental service for the Lehigh Valley, we also make regular donations to the Lehigh Valley Humane Society and The Children's Home of Easton. There is no obligation or added costs for customers. Just renting a Dumpster from Dumpin' Donations makes a big difference. When you choose Dumpin' Donations, you're helping us help others simply by choosing to do business with us. We'll handle the donations -- nothing extra is necessary!